“Who we are” – Transdisciplinary theme for Term 1 Unit of Inquiry

IB PYP stands for International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme. Its goal is to support students to become inquirers through a comprehensive and transdisciplinary approach. At Tesla, students from KG (Kindergarten) to Grade 5 will learn the Units of Inquiry (UOI) based on the 6 transdisciplinary themes. Having completed Term 1 of 2021-2022 school year, our students also finished the first transdisciplinary theme “Who We Are”. 

“Who We Are” transdisciplinary theme in the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme 

For the transdisciplinary theme “Who We Are”, students will learn about important issues such as the nature of each person, physical and mental health; Human relationships including family, friends, community, and culture. By exploring each issue, students expand their knowledge on the elements that make up each person, discover who we are and how we interact with each other. 

How do Tesla students complete the “Who We Are” personal project? 

Grade 1 students completed their first Unit of Inquiry this school year with the topic “Family“. Along with learning about themselves, the students are also aware that family will interact and affect each individual and how we need to respect the differences in each person. Practicing healthy living habits and maintaining positive emotions are also some meaningful activities that the students have learned.

To complete the end of term 1 project, Grade 2 students need to apply the combined knowledge from Units of Inquiry (UOI), English as an Additional Language (EAL), and Science. The students’ presentation consisted of an introduction about themselves, a presentation of the human senses and how to care for the body parts that correspond to those senses. 

Grade 2 students also created a comic book on the theme of “Family”. Each comic book is a separate story that the students build about the relationship between family members, how they understand their family and how to express their affection. The process of learning about their loved ones to build a plot is also an opportunity for them to hone their communication skills, develop systematic and conceptual thinking and concepts, and form a sense of responsibility in taking care of themselves both physically and mentally. 

The transdisciplinary approach has created a positive educational environment at Tesla – where students are encouraged to explore, learn and express their own opinions. This makes learning topics more interesting and attractive when they have the right to choose how to work to their best advantage. 

That was also very evident in the Grade 4 Term 1 Final project. Besides tools like Canva, Google Slides, they also used Powtoon software to animate their presentations. with the theme “You are what you eat“. This is the result of knowledge cross-over between Units of Inquiry (UOI), Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Science. 

In addition, building an information resource about “Puberty” is a task that Grade 5 students need to complete for their transdisciplinary project between Units of Inquiry (UOI), English as an Additional Language (EAL), and Science.

The concepts of change, form, and perspective will be clearly demonstrated by students in assignments and presentations in English. The children also used various tools for their personal projects such as Canva, Google Slides, Powtoon or Imovie. 

The Term 1 final project gave all Tesla students the opportunity to reflect and self-assess on their learning journey. During Term 1, Tesla was pleased to see the improvement in the students’ online learning experience, through which they enhance their IB Learner Profile attributes such as Inquirers, Reflective, Communicators, Caring,…

The transdisciplinary themes in the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme are always closely related to issues beyond the school and the world around. It is this approach at TESLA that is contributing to the development of global citizens. Students will perceive the connection between knowledge and reality; develop a sense of their roles and responsibilities as learners and will participate more actively in their learning. The transdisciplinary approach is a highly recommended method in the later grades. Utilizing this approach from an early age is a great way to build your child’s future. 

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