Tesla Talk Week December 25th 2020

Robin Klymow
Giám đốc Học thuật


Dear Parents and Guardians,

The calendar year is 2020 is coming to an end and I often contact or am contacted by old friends in the United Kingdom. Recently a friend who is not a teacher, in fact, he is an engineer and has two children. We caught up WhatsApp with our news and stories.

I mentioned that I was working with the IB Primary Years project, IB Middle Years Project, and the IB Diploma Programme.

He said that the Diploma Programme is great and he wanted his children to attend an IB school when they are 16. He then said the Primary Years Programme was just about letting children play and he did not like it. I was surprised by his comment and I explained to him what it was through a conversation to give the idea about what the PYP actually is.

I decided to use some of those comments I sent him in this newsletter just in case you meet people who think the PYP is just about children playing and doing projects.

Firstly, play is important to very young children in a Kindergarten. Children see play as work and they are often busy doing things which we see as play, but they are in fact experimenting and discovering. The role of the teacher for these very young children is to question and guide and become involved with children’s play to ask them questions and make children inquire further and learn the basics. This is done by creating a series of resources that children can get involved. Teachers can develop children’s those skills through questioning and suggesting. So my friend was right that children play but that is in Kindergarten and we know the role of the teacher is central in developing play opportunities to develop thinking for that age group.

My friend was totally wrong about the PYP for grades 1 to 5. Students are not playing. There is a mixture of standalone lessons where children learn those skills that we do not automatically get. Children learn to speak when interacting with others. However, they do not learn to write or develop a language without specific help with phonics and writing. Maths skills are needed so children develop the skills of basic number and then are taught how to manipulate those numbers through to using basic algebra.

This is not project work, but extended guided inquiry led by the teacher asking and leading students to know more about the concepts they are studying through a Unit of Inquiry.

My last point for my engineer friend was that the PYP starts the development of problem-solving and is not just a body of knowledge that children have to learn and memorise and be tested on. It is in the application and inquiry that children get to ask and find out more that makes the PYP.

The conversation with my friends came to an end when he said that’s is what I do in my job as an engineer with my workers. We do know things he said but so much of the time we have to apply what we know and see if we can find an answer. That’s very PYP I said. He agreed.

Thank you,

Robin Klymow
Director of Studies

Ms. Nguyen Thi Quynh Dien

MYP Coordinator

How people in the world celebrate Christmas

Christmas is celebrated on December 25th, immediately after Christmas Eve on December 24th. Before that, people spend time preparing for the Christmas season, which is the highlight of the Christian calendar.

Familiar Christmas symbols are the evergreen fir trees, known as Christmas trees, which stand outside or inside houses. The branches of the Christmas trees are decked with ornaments and fairy lights – a splendid sight.

The traditional Christmas colours – seen inside and outside houses everywhere and in the streets – are red and green.

The photos below show how people around the world celebrate Christmas. Countries where Christmas is a major celebration include England, Finland, the Philippines, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, Poland, Slovenia, Panama, and Germany.

Ms. Nguyen Ha Huyen Kim

PYP Coordinator

This week saw students in Tesla enjoying winter programme activities. We played language games together to learn new English vocabularies of Christmas theme. We created beautiful drawing of Santa Claus. We worked in pairs and groups in cooperation to complete given tasks. We helped each other when working at ICT. We listened to friends and teachers and respected different ideas. We were proud of our creativity and commitment. And above all we inquired into ways to work effectively as a group to have most enjoyable learning experiences.


Important information for our current families and friends in regards to any younger siblings/younger children that you may like to enroll for either 2nd Semester, January 2021 or for the New School Year August 2021 – 2022. Tesla Admissions is now open, please apply to ensure that your place is secured early, as some grades may fill up fast creating a waitlist for August 2021. Please submit the Inquiry Form at https://tesla.edu.vn/en/admissions/admissions-process/, and the Admissions Team will contact you. If you would like to receive more information regarding enrollment, please contact Tesla at: admission@tesla.edu.vn.

Scholarship available for Semester 2, 2020 – 2021

Tesla is pleased to offer a limited number of Academic Scholarship ranging from 25% to 100% for Secondary students who are entering Semester 2 of this School Year 2020 – 2021. Please note that all scholarship applications must be received by Friday 15 Jan 2021.

If you would like to receive more information regarding enrollment, please contact Tesla at: admission@tesla.edu.vn

School tour during Winter Break

During the upcoming winter break, everyone here at Tesla Education Group hopes all students and parents enjoy a well-earned rest! 

While our school holiday runs from the 18th of December till the 4th of January, please note that all our campuses will still be open to welcome prospective families to visit during our working hours from 8.30 AM – 5 PM from Monday to Friday. 

Please also note, however, that Tesla Education Group will be completely closed on Friday, 25th of December for Christmas Day and 1st of January 2021 for New Year’s Day

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Ms. Ciara Lucey

Primary English Teacher

Last week, grade 2 students embarked on a Scavenger Hunt around the school as we learned about the places in our school. Students worked in groups to crack the clues and follow their maps to descover all of the places in our school.

Tesla trở thành một hệ thống trường song ngữ hiện đại, hàng đầu Việt Nam đào tạo ra những công dân toàn cầu yêu thích và đam mê khoa học công nghệ, sẵn sàng học tập vì sự tiến bộ xã hội, có khả năng lãnh đạo và tiên phong.


Tesla Education is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of our students, and expects all employees, visitors and applicants to share this commitment. We follow safe recruitment practices that are aligned to the recommendations of the International Task Force on Child Protection. We have very high standards of recruiting practices with specific attention to safeguarding children. All appointments are subject to an interview, identity checks, criminal record checks, and successful references. All visitors to the campus are also expected to abide by our safeguarding practices.

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