Tesla Talk January, 2022

Tim Vanderpool

Director of Studies

Newsletter 21 January, 2022

Dear Tesla Families,
Over the weekend you will be receiving the first semester report. It will include the progress of your child in each of the individual subjects through detailed teacher comments, MOET test results, and a full report of each unit of inquiry.
Although the reports are generated for the parents, it is very important that they are viewed in partnership with the children. The foundation for the PYP program is agency; the ability for students to assume responsibility for their own learning and develop the skills necessary to become a lifelong learner. Throughout each unit of inquiry students are asked to develop their own ideas and connections to the transdisciplinary themes, experience learning as a process, and then reflect on how they have acquired new understandings. The experience becomes more relevant and fulfilling if they observe this same process at home. It gives the students a sense of being part of a whole community focused on their learning experience.
Everyone has had to endure a vast array of challenges since August and the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday is a much-needed time for us to recharge our physical and mental batteries. Happy New Year and welcoming the Year of the Tiger!
Kindest regards,
Tim VanderpoolDirector of Studies

Mr. Daniele Moretti

EAL English Teacher

Across all grades we have been focusing on improving reading skills by routinizing the use of RazKids: the grade 3 students have been studying about migration, family histories, and pull/push factors that cause people and animals to find new places to inhabit. Grade 4 and 5 have been studying the ways in which humans interact with their natural environments and the ways this has forced our species to innovate.

Ms. Tran Thi Ngoc Trinh

Early Years Teacher

Students have been unable to go to school for a long time because of the Covid pandemic, but they are eager to participate in learning. Students are very enthusiastic and excited in the online interaction, always listening, working hard, studying regularly in the lessons, and practicing well following the teacher’s instructions.

What shape do the clouds have?

Students draw hot air balloons!

Tet Fair 2022 - Tet in the Olden Days

Tet in the olden days is the inspiration for the Tesla Tet Fair in the Year of the Tiger. Tesla revived the atmosphere of the old Tet with unique traditional experiences. In addition, we also created an exciting space for students to gather after a very long time of online learning.

Amid the flow of modern life, Tesla hopes that the students will understand and appreciate the beauty of the national culture. That is also Tesla’s goal to nurture young generations of students who both have the qualities of a global citizen and preserve the good values of the country.

Learning Resource Center (LRC)

A short talk where we hope to share with you some ideas about how you can support your child with their reading.
One of the best gifts that you can give your child is the ability to read.
A child who can read confidently will not only gain a lifetime of enjoyment from books but most importantly will possess the skills needed to access the world around them.
Although your child will be taught in school don’t underestimate how important your role is in helping them develop a positive approach to reading. Creating the right atmosphere and environment can help your child on the way.


Try to ensure there’s a wide range of reading material in your home.

Tesla Learning Resource Center (LRC) has a variety of board books, early readers, Leveled readers, Fiction, Non-fiction, magazines…always ready to provide students and staff to help them in their teaching and learning.

Visit LRC regularly to make sure your child sees lots of different types of books – this way they can begin to decide what they like and don’t like. A great source of free reading material can be found in Tesla LRC.


Make sure that your child sees you read regularly and most importantly let your child see you gain pleasure and information from what you read. Read-a-loud to your child anything that’s close to hand. This will encourage your child to look for words and to understand their importance.


Ask questions about the story as you read it.

Talk to your child about the words – “What do those words mean?”, “Why do you think the writer uses that word?”, or “Can you think of another word that means the same thing?”.

Talk about the characters in the story – “Why did they do that?”, “What do you think will happen next?”.


Don’t forget the power of technology.

There are hundreds of apps and good-quality online reading that can support phonics and spelling.

There are also sites with online stories to listen to. Tesla students can currently read Epic books from 9 am-3 pm during school days.


Try to make sure that reading doesn’t become a chore. Make it fun! So, your child can look forward to it.

Take it in turns to read a line each, put on silly voices when reading aloud, add a bit of drama to stories and act out what’s happening or dress up in costume.

Try reading in an unusual place such as: inside a canopy, at night with flashlights; they can build a canopy with simple tools like sheets and pillows.

LRC’s Information – Tesla Book Week 2022 – Feb 21-25, 2022

  • Theme: FAIRY TALES

Fairy tales are more than just happily ever after, they portray real moral lessons through characters and virtue shown in the stories. They do not only captivate the imagination of young minds but also enhance their creativity and reasoning skills.

BOOK WEEK activities will be organized to help students form their reading habits and foster a passion for reading.


Now, it is time for parents to think about the long way ahead for their child’s educational pathway and decide to let them come along with IB Curriculum and become global citizens. With that in mind, Tesla Education Group offers The Education Savings Package and helps make it come true, please register to participate now to receive a discount on tuition payment with the current schedule of fee 2021-2022, no annual tuition fee increase, up to 57% discount depending on the package.

There are 12 savings packages for different grade levels. Parents, please visit the link here for more information: https://tesla.edu.vn/en/admissions/education-saving-package/  

The Tesla Admissions Office is happy to provide more details about the Education Savings Package. If you are interested in the program, please inquire to Tesla Admissions at admission@tesla.edu.vn for further advice.

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