Tesla Talk Week September 4th 2020

Mr.Robin Klymow 

Director of Studies


Dear Parents and Guardians,

This week saw Vietnam recognise and celebrate 75 years since the declaration of independence. An important day for all of us, both Vietnamese and expatriates to recognise the progress this nation has made and is making since that day in 1945 when the first steps taken to create a nation under Vietnamese rule.

I want to say thank you to all who came to the Tesla Parent Workshop last Saturday and it was well attended, which is evidence enough of the commitment parents have to the school. I do hope such a good turnout of parents continues when we run the next workshop at the end of this month. I will be sending out details of that meeting next week.

We have made some changes to the timetable and although subjects and teachers do not change we have been able to offer more swimming at present to make up for the time lost when school was closed. The timetable allows for assembly time and a homeroom period at the end of the week that permits time for a little reflection and when needed, preparation for in school events. I have been into more classrooms and lessons this week and I am genuinely impressed by the energy and commitment that so many students show. They are certainly what the IB Learner Profile identifies as thinkers and risk takers and that is to be commended. I also wanted to add that many students show growing confidence and for all my years in education I do believe it is one of the key attributes for learning. Confidence allows us all to have a go, make mistakes and move on.

I watched an Assembly on the Monday at school and saw very young children presenting and talking on a stage in front of their peers. It is hard for all of us when we are placed on a stage and have to speak and present ourselves as learners and it is skill that develops over time so this pleased me that we are developing assemblies that showcase students learning.

Finally, today we had a Back to School event that was organized under the tagline of Explore – Experience-Engage. Sadly, we could not open our doors to parents due to Covid19, but I can report it was a great fun time with students dancing, singing and taking part in some quiz activities. I want to say a big thank you to all the Tesla staff who helped organize and contribute to the event.

Thank you.

Robin Klymow
Director of Studiesa


Adventurers class students in English class.

Trong Phuc’s birthday.

Students in learning time.

Parent support

Parents please prepare a tablet (operating system Android 7 or iPad 2017) for your children to learn AI-Robotics from September 15th, 2020. Parents kindly read with your child the “information technology policy” in the Parent and Student Handbook at https://tesla.edu.vn/tuyen-sinh/so-tay/ 


Opening Ceremony: Teachers and Students are attending the Opening Ceremony of the academic year 2020-2021.

Parents have conversation with Mr. Robin, Dr. Quynh Lam  and Ms. Huong Trung.

Phu Nhuan Afternoon teabreak.

TESLA Talk Organizer

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