tesla ++M programme

TESLA ++ M program takes up 1/3 of the training time, taught mostly in English.

Tesla ++ M will enhance the knowledge and skills for students to focus on 6 areas corresponding to 6 letters: Technology & Science (Science and Technology), English (Project English), Sport (Fitness) sports), Life skills (Life skills), Art & Architecture, Math (Online Math).

The course helps students train their passion for science, develop thinking skills, logical reasoning, and create design concepts for the Robocon competition from elementary school to high school.
The TESLA + M program of English is taught by English teachers through the subjects: English, Science, Information Technology and Communications (ICT), Society and Environment (SOSE). … After finishing the program, can students be confident ??? complete international English exams.
In parallel with fostering knowledge, Tesla also focuses on investing in physical education with subjects that both enhance the health of students and have entertainment and survival skills such as football, swimming … As for pioneering, leadership is also practiced in sports, nowhere?

Students are taught self-service skills, self-protection skills, risk-avoidance skills, survival skills … Practicing early life skills will help students consciously master themselves and live. positive. What about the Global Citizenship, where is the Finance Academy.

The course combines science and the arts that require students’ thinking skills in terms of space, color, technology… Depending on their age, Tesla will design appropriate lesson content, helping students to stimulate like thinking, imagination, creativity, problem solving,…

Tesla inspires students to love Math by orienting learning methods, thinking skills, and self-study through foreign math problems such as Abacus in Japan, Math presentation skills comment…

TESLA ++ M provides students with a comprehensive and challenging educational program that prepares them to enter a changing world; At the same time, develop lifelong learning skills to help them be ready to take on the responsibilities and meet the expectations of the global citizen generation.

To become a leading education group by giving students a passion for science and technology through developing strong language skills. To provide students with an educational environment that combines the teaching of modern science, technology and education in Western cultures with the Oriental values.

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