Secondary school

Middle Years (Grade 6 – 10)

Although the foundation for learning is still provided by MOET, the curriculum is enhanced by international content standards, IB framework and the IB MYP approaches to teaching and learning. The academic environment has a more traditional format found in most middle and high schools, while also encouraging students to become independent learners and apply their knowledge and skills in new and unfamiliar contexts. The goal is to develop the social, academic, research, communication, and self-management skills necessary for students to learn how to learn. A common thread to every MYP are the IB Global Contexts:

  • Identity & Relationships
  • Orientation in space and time
  • Personal & Cultural expression
  • Scientific & Technical innovation
  • Globalization & sustainability
  • Fairness & Development

Every academic course makes connections across these themes throughout the year. In addition, the MYP requires at least one completely integrated unit during the academic year where all subjects collaborate together and students are required to demonstrate their understanding by synthesizing the different perspectives from every content area. 

Students continue to experience a bilingual environment although the majority of the courses are taught in English in preparation for the rigors of the IB Diploma Program. The MYP framework is comprised of eight subject groups:

  1. Language acquisition (English)
  2. Language and literature (Vietnamese)
  3. Individuals and societies
  4. Science
  5. Mathematics
  6. Arts
  7. Physical and health education
  8. Design

At Tesla, the MYP obtains at least from 54 to 108 hours of teaching time for each subject group to provide students with a well-rounded experience, but in order for students to meet the MOET requirements the core academic subjects are taught every day throughout the year.

During the final two years of the program students are required to participate in a collaborative Community Project and a culminating individual project to reflect on their entire learning experience at the end of grade 10.

Diploma Program (Grade 11 – 12)

Beginning in the fall of 2023 Tesla will introduce our first cohort of IB Diploma students. The challenging two-year Diploma program is an internationally recognized college-preparatory curriculum that allows students to explore tertiary education at institutions across the globe.  Attaining the diploma requires students to participate in six academic subject groups (Language Acquisition, Language and Literature, Sciences, Maths, Business management, the Visual Arts) and the DP Core. The core consists of a philosophical journey through learning in the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course, community involvement in the creativity, activity, and service program (CAS), college-style extended essay.

Every rigorous DP course assesses student work as direct evidence of achievement against the stated goals in the syllabus provided by the program. At the end of the two-year journey student progress is evaluated through both internal and external assessments.  Internal assessments are provided in class during the senior year and consist of a variety of different formats, including: 

  • Oral work in Languages
  • Research project and written commentary in Business management
  • Laboratory work in the Sciences
  • Investigations in Mathematics
  • Artistic performances in Visual arts

External assessment for most courses is in the form of a traditional examination and includes questions or prompts in the form of:

  • Essays
  • Short-response questions
  • Data-response questions
  • Case-study questions
  • Multiple-choice questions

All students seeking the full diploma must accumulate enough points in each of these areas, in addition to successful completion of the three DP Core requirements.

To become a leading education group by giving students a passion for science and technology through developing strong language skills. To provide students with an educational environment that combines the teaching of modern science, technology and education in Western cultures with the Oriental values.

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